I am Right here…

When it’s good news..Blast the speakers 😉

It’s just beginning..watch out this space for more….

This song describes best describes my state of mind..



God it’s not a spam post!

There has been quite a lot of things happenings and life has been on a fast track so much that the title you read are the places I was all around.

And currently I am in New York City, to be precise Wall Street 😉

So its going to be a long, long, I really mean very long post.

Let me know are your ready? Got your coffee? Great…Just hang in there!




I am Alive ;)

The title says it all. And I promise I will try to be more frequent here.

Expect some good write-ups, experiences some good, some not-so-good soon.

It’s show down for the year 2014.

Keep hope. Keep praying.


Tehelka, Tarun Tejpal & Us

Last week had been, in decent words, disappointing to say the least.

I was and I am still a BIG fan of Tehelkha & Tarun Tejpal ( Hold ur abusive words for a while).

Sometime back I wrote a post on Tehelka. While I strongly believe that any case of sexual assault/rape should be dealt with strongest & strictest way possible to create fear so that such incident never ever happens again.

I, for one, feels cheated like many in the media industry. He taught us the difference between right and wrong. And here we are now judging him morally.

To tell truth, I have written to shoma chaudhary, many times, seeking a position in Tehelka. N i will continue to do so.

The fact is last week was a rape of all our moral values as a individual and as institution. I have read articles in Open Magazine, IBN Live blogs, Times Of India Blogs written by some prominent journalists across.

I have come to understanding that in the case of Aaarushi double murder case, the proof is still far from missing and proved.

One side we have a case shut withour concrete evidence and motive proved. And on other side we have Tarun Tejpal case of sexual assault.

Truth will take its time to come out in open.

We continue to believe in justice system. Or somewhere have we started questioning ourselves?



Wecome Home, Pratyush.

Its been a while I got time to jot down things happening around…so many things happened and in such fast way…cudnt account one!!

But gud news first…I am a proud MAMA…of my boy…Pratyush…Welcome home, buddy!!!

On other side, granny passed away, dad was not well…things were not dat great…but hope things will fall in place.

Its taking some toll on me…on more  gud news..stay tuned 🙂

Rice Plate @ Nagarjuna Hotel. Conquered.

Every now and then I have this strange feeling of being a South Indian. Actually, I am one.

But looking at my eating habits, hardly anyone can guess or believe, I am one. Speaking on the same context, people don’t even believe I am a brahmin guy, if you know what I mean.

Nagarjuna HotelToday was one of those days, I had the itch to eat as much rice as I can. The thought came last evening too.

So me n Shravan headed straight to Nagarjuna on Residency Road, Bangalore. That’s one of our fav places we go when we need to finish all the rice in Bangalore.

For newbies, here’s the report card.

Taste: 8/10
Varieties: 7/10
Place: 8/10

Category: South Indian dishes, Andhra Style Food.

Specials: Biryani/ Mutton Kebabs/ Sholey( Chicken) Kababs/ Fish Fry

Service: I had a bad experience today, but in general when its not crowded. 7/10

So next time, you get the itch for Rice, head straight to Nagarjuna hotel.

Did you try this place? Drop in your review of the place and food.

Praying Lips…..Helping Hands….The story goes on….

I have many friends.

Some Muslims, some Hindu, some Sikh, some Rajasthani, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and  some pakka Marathas.

I am kind of fusion. Telugu guy born in Orrisa, bought up in between Maratha’s and formative years of my life in between Punjabi’s.

Studied in Chennai between majority of Tamil speaking folks. Working and living between Kannadiga’s from 6 years.

Who am I? I don’t know.

Over period of time, living with different sects and religion, I have learned that

  • No religion is bad
  • Every religion teaches to do “seva” {community service}
  • Spread peace and love. Need comes pick up sword.
  • Just coz u don’t like non-veg, doesn’t make you any veggie
  • And, non-veg price has gone high coz, Brahmin, like me eat all kinds of things walking, crawling, or whtvever.

Plus just remember, a helping hand is always better than praying lips.

If you can serve or contribute anyway, step up, coz it’s not about only you.

It’s about who we are. And how we will be treated next.