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my first work on my new Notebook!!

Last night, when I was typing about the features we have to offer in our release 1.0….I was looking for some good way of representing things/data so I was looking for symbols in MS Word.

Suddenly,right lobe of my brain started working! Yes, actaully it was working. I know u cant believe it. Call it a Miracle?
Then, I left the work and started designing the Logo for our Wink…and to my surprise even my roomy [Damu my version, Dhamu his version] also joined in brainstorming.

and Finally we figured out a very catchy-stylish-worth Logo, which I am planning to use.

So thats wht I did last nite till 2am.

I understand, ur getting excited to see how it figured out..but I guess u have to wait for a day or two, till I get GPRS activated….I know u will wait…Cho Chweeeet…

Our first work.Our Logo.




My Diwali Gift: Laptop!

Yes, I know its pretty hard to believe, but its true!

My Sis gifted me a Compaq Presario Notebook V6102.

To tell u more specifications….it comes with

100 GB SATA hard disk


AMD Dual Core processor

Altec Lansing [Audio device]

nVedia Graphics Card

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, built-in modem

Usb Mouse[Microsoft] and Pendrive [512 mb]

So now time to sneak a preview?

okay okay….go ahead…

here it is….

my Lappy

Do I really Need a Laptop now?

Do I?

Last night, my eyes wide open and me lying in my bed when all other roommates were already into their world of dreams, was trying to answer this question. Do I really need a laptop?

Yes, I know my sister out of generosity is ready to gift me a Laptop. But, somewhere I am still not fully convinced that I need a laptop now.

Y? u might be wondering!!! Why am I not surprised?

Coz, we need laptop, when we really know that what we have to do with it!!! Secondly, if I feel that I am wasting hell lot of time, so first I should learn to manage my Time.

Hence, I have decided I am gonna do all the paper work, documenting work first. Then, when I am convinced that I am ready to start coding. I can always approach sis.

Well, day is as usual lazy…but I am trying to make business networking. Why to waste time?



Some info-centric sites

Some of the sites which I visit very frequently…almost everday are

1. Demo : Sillicon valley Innovations listed

2. Webyantra : Start-ups Profiling

3. Venturewoods : VC n Start-ups one stop Information
Venture Woods

These sites gives information on cutting edge Technologies and bleeding edge innovations.
Worth Checking them…

So what are u still waiting for?

Go Join Go!!!

Indictrans Site beta is Up & Running…..

Indictrans ‘new’ site, though beta is Up & running!

Please check it…play it…report bugs[if any]…

There are lots of things Indictrans is rolling out soon, keep hanging around to see more localized Action…n Indiccomputing…


‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’–Steve Jobs

Well, Many people see few people only as ‘celebrities/Famous/Deva’s etc etc’…But when u really drill in u find the sweat,hard-work & ofcourse struggle to make it what the world say as ‘success’….

On the same line…world know him as ‘rudest-boss’ …Yup I am talking about Steve Jobs.

For some reason I personally admire him. Do not ask why?

Okay…I know u will ask…go ahead read this article…n u will come to know why I admire him…only thing I will say now is ….

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”–Steve Jobs

Hello world…

I have now moved my blog from livejournal to wordpress for more flexible features, ofcourse for ‘free’.

So, now my blog will be:

In this I am planning to include indictrans work, my professional and personal life as well.

┬áSo pals keep hanging around. There’s lot of things coming up…