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Guru Chappel whts up?

Indian team as usual collapsed against the hosts South Afraica losing the series with 3-0.

What the fuck is going on Guru chappel?

A country of 1 billion people is convincing themselves everytime the team goes to play out on field, not this time  we loose. and every Indian is disappointed with the performance of the team.

Is it our fault  that we expect them to play and win name for country?

Rather, this is our right to ask as the team gets their salary from the taxes we pay.

See mostly offline on Ads show n not on the nets, how can we allow such irresponsible players to represent India?

Experementing? Chappel thinks he is one smart ass… leaving country in tears n pain.

Yes, I am using such harsh words coz I feel bad, I wasted whole evening-night sitting in front of it, not even missing a ball and at the end this is what we get!!!

Okay, if any Board of director is reading this, please take this as a message and experiments are done when you have some consistency and not all the team falling like pack of cards.

Bring Ganguly, Laxman and other exprienced playes to side and make a strong foundation first rather than giving a statement like “our boys played well”!!!!




Indian version of Sillicon valley innovation event Demo  has been around for quite sometime now. For all those how just missed that date, today the 30th of November is the last date of submission of the nominations for is in Chennai, India and is organised by core set of serial entrepreneurs who are focussed to put country at the bleeding edge of innovation.

For further details please visit at



Firefox extensions…Fun to play with!!!!

from past few days[rather nights], I am trying to develop a hack for the firefox extensions. Trust me on it, its far simple to develop them!!! Yes, you must have seen toolbars for Google/Yahoo/Blogeverywhere/ etc etc

Have you ever thought of writing one for yourself?

If yes, and if u dont have where to start from/how-to write it all you have to do is to just wait for a day or two, I am thinking of posting the tutorial soon here!!!

Well, before that all you need to check is whether your firefox browser is which version? Its necessary coz firefox 1.0 or less than 1.5 have different[tough] way of doing XUL coding, whereas in version 1.5 and above its a childs play.

To give you detail about the languages you will reuqire, you must know, not expertise in XUL, XML, CSS and Javascript. If you are just somewhat familiar with these I must tell you, you are gonna Rock!!!!

Just wait for a day or two buddy.


If you are reading article, you might also be interested in the PHP and Scriptaculous Book I have authored.

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Rural BOO: will this model work for India?

Last night I was thinking, when all the youth[urban crowd] is focusing on the Outsourcing model. Will a concept of Rural BOO work in India?

Rural Back Office Operation[BOO], is a systematic plan in which the BPO,DTP etc can be shifted to Rural areas so that the urban youth can focus on more technological aspects.

This model has many benefits:

1.Helps provide jobs to rural [umemployed] youth.

2.Bring more cutting edge work in the form of outsourcing to Urban areas.

3. An overall raise in per-capita income.

TeNet group of IIT-Madras has taken some initiative in this. I think all MNC corporations have their social Foundations, which are meant to give back to society. I think they should help this concept.

I dont know whether it will work or not, But I appreciate the idea behind it.

Wanna-be Entrepreneurs can take it as their business idea as well. So you still looking for a reason to be a BIG man?