Rural BOO: will this model work for India?

Last night I was thinking, when all the youth[urban crowd] is focusing on the Outsourcing model. Will a concept of Rural BOO work in India?

Rural Back Office Operation[BOO], is a systematic plan in which the BPO,DTP etc can be shifted to Rural areas so that the urban youth can focus on more technological aspects.

This model has many benefits:

1.Helps provide jobs to rural [umemployed] youth.

2.Bring more cutting edge work in the form of outsourcing to Urban areas.

3. An overall raise in per-capita income.

TeNet group of IIT-Madras has taken some initiative in this. I think all MNC corporations have their social Foundations, which are meant to give back to society. I think they should help this concept.

I dont know whether it will work or not, But I appreciate the idea behind it.

Wanna-be Entrepreneurs can take it as their business idea as well. So you still looking for a reason to be a BIG man?




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2 responses to “Rural BOO: will this model work for India?”

  1. Mr.harishchandra says :

    i want 2 know more about ,microfinance ,its impact on
    india rural people & your project rural boo.

    thank u ,sir

  2. Sridhar says :


    First thing Rural BOO is not my projetc. Its run by IIT-Madras and TeNet group. chk

    secondly, microfinance is something that is more about giving a handful of required amount and then multiplying it.

    I am a techie and not finance. Sorry cant help you much on that.


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