Firefox extensions…Fun to play with!!!!

from past few days[rather nights], I am trying to develop a hack for the firefox extensions. Trust me on it, its far simple to develop them!!! Yes, you must have seen toolbars for Google/Yahoo/Blogeverywhere/ etc etc

Have you ever thought of writing one for yourself?

If yes, and if u dont have where to start from/how-to write it all you have to do is to just wait for a day or two, I am thinking of posting the tutorial soon here!!!

Well, before that all you need to check is whether your firefox browser is which version? Its necessary coz firefox 1.0 or less than 1.5 have different[tough] way of doing XUL coding, whereas in version 1.5 and above its a childs play.

To give you detail about the languages you will reuqire, you must know, not expertise in XUL, XML, CSS and Javascript. If you are just somewhat familiar with these I must tell you, you are gonna Rock!!!!

Just wait for a day or two buddy.


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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

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