Guru Chappel whts up?

Indian team as usual collapsed against the hosts South Afraica losing the series with 3-0.

What the fuck is going on Guru chappel?

A country of 1 billion people is convincing themselves everytime the team goes to play out on field, not this time  we loose. and every Indian is disappointed with the performance of the team.

Is it our fault  that we expect them to play and win name for country?

Rather, this is our right to ask as the team gets their salary from the taxes we pay.

See mostly offline on Ads show n not on the nets, how can we allow such irresponsible players to represent India?

Experementing? Chappel thinks he is one smart ass… leaving country in tears n pain.

Yes, I am using such harsh words coz I feel bad, I wasted whole evening-night sitting in front of it, not even missing a ball and at the end this is what we get!!!

Okay, if any Board of director is reading this, please take this as a message and experiments are done when you have some consistency and not all the team falling like pack of cards.

Bring Ganguly, Laxman and other exprienced playes to side and make a strong foundation first rather than giving a statement like “our boys played well”!!!!



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