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GoodBye 2006, Welcome 2007!!!!

Family, Friends, Sweets, Party time, drinks, music etc. Need I say more?

Its time to say Goodbye to year 2006 and Welcome 2007.

Time to look back at what we have achieved, lost, joy, every moment of life and learn to make things better this year.

Time for celebration, promises, new commitments, new relations(Caution: Do not change ur wife).

Time to start everything in a fresh way, new spirits and good mood.

I take this moment, to wish everyone of you and your families a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2007.

I pray to God to bless you all with what you deserve, and not what you desire coz all you folks Deserve a lot.

Are you still in front of your machine? Come on, Go out, collect friends, part hard buddy.

I will write you next year, this year I am “bit” busy!!!!!



Saddam Executed!!!

After 3 years of court procedures, finally Saddam has been executed.

Some look at it as a Black day and for some(Shiyas) its a new year gift in Iraq. It has received global attention with all Nations external affairs ministry putting their final words on the execution.

All I understand and know is that voilence in Iraq will not be completely erased, But what I would pray is that it should not lead to more voilence and destruction.

I dont say America has done right, nor do I deny the fact that Saddam was gulity. At the end of the day, week, month and year it is humanity which has to pay.


A Sad Ending, A Fresh Start!!!!

I have taken a very tough and painful decision.I am ending up my long association(not contribution) with Indictrans!!!!

Indictrans has been very close to me, both on professional and personal fronts. From the heavyness of being a part to feeling a loner is pretty painful.

No wonder, its my fault.

I wish Indictrans team all the best from core of my heart.



Free Calls on Christmas Day from Jajah

Jajah, officially annouced that the registered users can make “free calls” to other users on 25th Dec 06 on the eve of Christmas.

Guys, this is an awesome offer, specially those in “deep-n-true” love. Keep talking all day, all night!!!!

Before you start dialing number, dont forget to register yourself.

Jajah has brought back the VoIP technology which Skpye has once successfully executed. Does technology really matter to you? All that does really matter is making calls for free.

So Go Jijah, Go Talking.



For Adults & Parents to save their Children:

In the digitally shrinking global world, the world is more about Technology, reach and likes. Which is now making children more vulnerable.

Adults and Parents are unaware with the young kids getting exposed to strangers with all kinds of intensions!!!

If you havent tracked the top story of Brandon quitting Microsoft blasting mails to Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer etc in 1999, you can read the story here.

Brandon Quits

He quitted coz he thought, he was not doing any innovative job staying at Micsrosoft. But was doing a routine cash flow business.

He started his own startup firm IMSafer, which helps parents to protect their children from all kinds of online threats either be financial, sexual or any kind.

The plugin can be used with Yahoo, Aol, MSN now, but the press release says functionality will soon be released for Gmail and Skype.

Please spread this message for all either in form of Mails or Blogs.


India 2.0: Online Gaming Zones

Gaming and Game development are the next Big things in India. With ADAE(Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Enterprises) entering into this market recently with their gaming portal has boosted this field even more.

Already in race are players like:

These are till now hotties. But, yes I have to add my views on it.

Gaming is recertainly picking up as hot market and ofcourse as next outsourcing product. Lot of companies are having their Offshore Development Centers to develop some world class games. Heard of RedOctane, Jammag???

Most of these online gaming portals are built in flash, so they lack the effects and look-n-feel of a real desktop based games like XBox 360, NFS, Mission IGI etc etc [a very big list], in which you go wild to kill the enemy or score a extra goal.

Since, multiplayer games are also open. This leads to one of its kind of networking as well.

For now, you stay tuned with this Gaming corner for more hot stuff.

B good. B Game!!!



A for Apple, S for Steve

I bet, all those who have been using Mac for long or been inspired by how Apple brought revolution, must be knowing Steve Woznaik.

The much awaited autobiography of Steve Woznaik, iWoz has been released on 17th Dec 06. In this book he explains everything about changing Technology, friends, Apple and above all partner Steve Jobs. Woznaik along with Steve Jobs started Apple and the truth that till date remains is Jobs never coded even a single line. It was this ‘Electronic Kid’ woznaik, who had a mastermind of making technology work and had vision for Next Gen devices.

Woznaik was the perfect nerd and a great techie and Jobs was great at Management. Together they made what they call Apple Computers Inc, for rest of us it remains  innovation Factory.

Those who are looking out to grab a copy can do it either on eBay or Amazon. For rest like me, wait till it hits the Asian subcontinent stores[may be a pirated version].