Tiger is back : Ganguly Dada!!!

Yesterday I posted complaining Ganguly should be brought back, guess some board of director of BCCI have read it and they did what I wanted.

Cheers, yes for some reason I really like Ganguly to be Indian Team.

He has the fire in him which I am sure will bring sparks in other team mates as well. Now, I just wish Ganguly very best.

I look forward for the test match in Afraican Safari!!!!




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2 responses to “Tiger is back : Ganguly Dada!!!”

  1. abbhi says :

    Return of the Prince !

    India’s Skipper, Kolkata’s Prince,
    mighty troubles, visited him since,
    the six-match ban had kept him away.
    Then abroad a series won,
    Scored too he a gritty ton,
    but media-bug bit at zimbabwe.
    Coach wasn’t a pleasant gent,
    So a vindictive mail he sent,
    waiting vultures then, joined the fray.
    Opportunist, turncoat Draavid,
    Deserted his god, of offside,
    till Chappel shines, he makes his hey.
    First said they, need Sourav not,
    All-rounder said, next veteran bat,
    Pack of Jokers lead Kiran Morey.
    Those politicians, in power,
    Scheming with, faces poker,
    wanted Pak speedsters to him slay.
    Sourav shattered their hopes,
    With ease sent balls to ropes,
    “good work in Karachi”, critics say.
    Then in Ranji with ball and bat,
    Runs and wickets ample brought,
    form and fitness Dada showed in play.
    Bengal’s Skipper, India’s Prince,
    Left all troubles behind him since,
    in Gauhati’s game he held his sway.
    On Mohali’s bouncing patch,
    Over Punjabhe he won a match ,
    national selectors “Yes” had to say.
    Die-hard opponents churned the gall
    ‘He’s susceptible to fast short ball’
    with foul mouths did they howl and bray
    Bowlers those african south
    Short balls they send so couth,
    to boundaries Dada hits balls stray
    Welcome from Coach ‘n Captain,
    Differences erased and forgotten,
    in Team India he comes to stay.
    “Wanderers” knows how Dada fought
    Hitting half-century in 5 down slot,
    memorable 2006 December’s 16 day.
    Prized World Cup – Two K seven,
    Shining in team India’s eleven,
    will inspire the team our Prince’s play
    Invincible Prince’s mother of come back,
    Centuries to his record, he will stack,
    fans world over await that day.
    – By Sudhir Joglekar

  2. Ashutosh says :

    What a wonderful ode to India’s icon no. 1

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