Guide for Start-Ups

I see many young wanna-be entrepreneurs like me, ofcourse even better than me.I realised what we really lack. A perfect Physical Mentor!!!!

I already have one, who is very committed and keeps guiding everytime. He is prof Jitendra Shah. I am planning to write a seperate note about him till then just remember the name.

Yes, now returning back to ‘physical’ mentor, when I say ‘physical’ I mean it. Because its difficult for many ‘already-proved’ Entrepreneurs to play role of mentors. It is difficult due to some of these reasons:
1.Trust on team
2.Technology issues
3.Poor Idea
4.Financial Constraints
5.Business networking and reach and many more on same track.

But, the real question that makes me go wild is, then what are we wanna-be’s supposed to do?
Should we go to Hell? I mean continue to do donkeys work?

Well, somewhere in me my guts speak an Instant NO. A Loud No.

Then I started figuring out the other options left. Yes, me being most of the time on web. thought web will be the Mentor for us.
Once I decided to find my mentor on web. Just with the mere help of few clicks I reached to my mentors place.

Wanna know who? Wait…wait….Okay I know ur now despo…go ahead….he is Paul Graham

I am not going to write anything about him here!!! But its already written everywhere, all you need to do is to make use of the energy and do “Googling”

I am reading his articles on Start-Ups. They are really useful stuff outthere.One can make zillions of dollars if they follow the articles properly and timely.

Come on r u still on this stupid page? didnt I give you Paul Graham’s site URL?

Okay…u better read this…I am going to

Ciao there!!!




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