ideas for start-ups:

Friend: from where does the ideas come to people who wish to start their own firm?

Me: I dont know

Friend: May be they have ‘gifted natural talent’

Me: And you mean god hasn’t given that 3 golden word feature to us?

Friend: How do I know?

Me: then lets figure it out!!!!

That was a part of conversation I had with one of my friend, who had some sort of feelings that I have to be a Entrepreneur. 

Then the conversation ended but my mind still racing on how ideas get generated?

Did Caterina Fake loved photos before she started Flickr? What made Larry and Sergy start Google?

Yes, the obvious answer I concluded was, the ideas are not generated inside but they come from surrondings. We see  things and we dont like many out of them. That “dont like things” becomes your idea.

We have to see what is missing in our surroundings? If its already there, what’s gonna be next gen apps?

These are some questions which I feel can help you get a good idea to start.

One the same note, let me add this point too. Some people think to start a company they need a ‘zillion-dollar-worth’ idea. CRAP

No idea can be a Great one!!!! Because you have to see what your users really want and in which way. Using red and yellow colors just coz u like them will leave you no where. you have to keep improving according to user demands.

 So morale of this note:

1. Keeping looking your surroundings for new ideas

2. You just have to ask people what they really want? their pain points and then ofcourse solve them.

3. Feedback is the most important aspect. Dont maltreat your users.

Rest ideas keep on floating.




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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

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