Still proud to be an Indian?

Are you? Yes, I can see you nooding your head. But read this and tell me, you still proud to be an Indian?

Mr.Bush, people call him terrorist. What was his crime? Osama led group Al-qaida and Sadam Hussain & Co attacked USA. He tried his level best to destroy them ofcourse using military power. I dont think he has done anything wrong. When I say that, I have justification.

Atleast Mr.Bush can produly say he has led an example and created a fear among the devil forces that if they even dare to think of destroying US, they will be pushined, badly.

Now, talking about Indian context. Parliament, India’s most powerful and influential building was attacked by terrorists, 9 brave indian soliders sacrificed their lifes to save the “corrupt-uneducated-illitrate-uncivilized-orthodox” MP’s and MLA’s by gunning down the terrorists.

After 6 months of “serious” investigation, the CBI caught hold of Mohammad Afzal, the master mind behind the attack.

Md.Afzal went to Pakistan in 1999, got training in a millitary base for 15 days. Afterwards stayed in srinagar for 1 month. He brought with him 5 pakistani residents[terrorists in Indian version] after 3 months of hard survey of which place to be attacked some key places where Embassy Park, Parliament and other Govt offices.and then the man named “Gazi Baba” hidden somewhere in Srinagar, ordered them to destroy the parliament.

The above data and information was given by the guilty Md. Afzal. Now, why he is not been executed a death Sentence?

Oh my god, I forgot, we will in a land where for votes people are ready to sell their character, religion and above all their souls.

The politicians are delaying the execution. Why will any terrorist be ever afraid of Indian govt, given that when he is caught, the “investigation” goes on for almost 5 years????

On the other side, the brave soliders who died, their families are begging for justice from the same people who were saved by their children during the attack. Yesterday, the suffering families returned all the “metal pieces” called medals back to Govt saying, its an insult to keep them.

Proud. Huh?

Who is responsible for this?

Just because of “cheap” people like Md.Afzal, the whole Muslim community is executed. I personally have many friends, who are Indians first like anyone else in nation, then Muslims or which ever religion.What is their crime? People like Md.Afzal can never be of any Country, Religion at worst not even for their families.

Now, why dont people and social groups call strike, band or whatever is legal thing to see to it that people like Md.Afzal are executed? And, Nation will start burning when rakhi sawant swings on some item track? Proud ah?

I wish and pray, if ever any terrorist groups plans to attack any political place and kill politicians, I would say “Aameen”

So, now question to you. You still proud to be an Indian?


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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

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