First take on AJAX : Part#1

After 5 long nights struggle, last night I managed to hack a piece of code I was working on. Not that I am that dumb, but the code was pretty messy one!!!

I am covering introduction and basics of AJAX in this article, later we will get into much complex code.

What is AJAX?

Acronym stand for Asynchrounous Javascript and XML. It forms the core of web 2.0. The term web 2.0 was first conied during an O’reily Conference.

The main components of web 2.0 are:


3. Not to Maltreat Users

AJAX is “Not” a new language, but its a new technique of how we access our data and information. Have you wondered how Google maps work? or in that case even new Yahoo Mail Beta? Gmail? Flickr? cumon, you really must have !!!!

One thing you must have notcied is the “whole” page doesnt get refreshed, but only a part of it. Thats what is AJAX. Thats what AJAX is meant for.

XMlHttpRequest is the main object and I am sure you are hearing this word for the first time. So I must tell you, yes the name may sound bit’ complex but it is not.

The other languages that you need are Html, CSS, Javascript and XMl. I must tell you, you dont have to be a master or expert in all these. Rather even a lilttle knowledge about these all can even work.

Things I must tell you before we dwell inside:

1. AJAX is not complex and tough

2. It will take some time for you to understand the basics.

3. You will master it, if you follow above two points carefully.

So, I am not going to put my butts,sit and type a tutorial for you. But trust me on that I have worked enough hard to search in all possible sites and discussion forums to get you the best of the breed available tutorials.

So for this part, you have to work on this tutorial which is very short, sweet and simple.

Tools you will need to execute this code:

1. Web server {I prefer Apache}

2. PHP

3.Mysql Database

Go ahead with it.

Try the code by typing. you will understand, how simple it is. Please have patience to read every line. Every word counts.

I have executed this tutorial as a begineer, so I am suggesting this for you. The code is a working copy and it should work for you.

All the best. Drop me a mail if you execute it successfully. I would gald to help you further.


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