A for Apple, S for Steve

I bet, all those who have been using Mac for long or been inspired by how Apple brought revolution, must be knowing Steve Woznaik.

The much awaited autobiography of Steve Woznaik, iWoz has been released on 17th Dec 06. In this book he explains everything about changing Technology, friends, Apple and above all partner Steve Jobs. Woznaik along with Steve Jobs started Apple and the truth that till date remains is Jobs never coded even a single line. It was this ‘Electronic Kid’ woznaik, who had a mastermind of making technology work and had vision for Next Gen devices.

Woznaik was the perfect nerd and a great techie and Jobs was great at Management. Together they made what they call Apple Computers Inc, for rest of us it remains  innovation Factory.

Those who are looking out to grab a copy can do it either on eBay or Amazon. For rest like me, wait till it hits the Asian subcontinent stores[may be a pirated version].




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