India 2.0: Online Gaming Zones

Gaming and Game development are the next Big things in India. With ADAE(Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Enterprises) entering into this market recently with their gaming portal has boosted this field even more.

Already in race are players like:

These are till now hotties. But, yes I have to add my views on it.

Gaming is recertainly picking up as hot market and ofcourse as next outsourcing product. Lot of companies are having their Offshore Development Centers to develop some world class games. Heard of RedOctane, Jammag???

Most of these online gaming portals are built in flash, so they lack the effects and look-n-feel of a real desktop based games like XBox 360, NFS, Mission IGI etc etc [a very big list], in which you go wild to kill the enemy or score a extra goal.

Since, multiplayer games are also open. This leads to one of its kind of networking as well.

For now, you stay tuned with this Gaming corner for more hot stuff.

B good. B Game!!!




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4 responses to “India 2.0: Online Gaming Zones”

  1. ishan says :

    considering ADAE being the fundng sources ……..i guess zapak might win the race …….

    also i liek that zapak has taken the initiative to hae tis own email , user videos section ……………

  2. Sridhar says :

    Yes, ADAE has taken good move in this front.

    Zapak has lot many features which other gaming portals are lacking.

    I personally some people who are developing games for Zapak, if you are interested in joining them. Drop me a mail I will put in loop with the friends of mine.


  3. ashikacheria says :

    Wonderful post
    Zapak has been expanding a lot, lately.
    I was a total addict at Indiagames until Zapak came.
    The range and quality of games available at Zapak is just mindblowing.And to top it all, they now support it with offline events like Gameplexes.
    What I discoverd was that you can even embed their games as widgets in your blog. I tested one.
    Here is the link

    Although I have not yet started utilizing the full potential, I can see this adding a lot of value to gaming bloggers.
    Would like to see your comments about the same on my blog. : D

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