For Adults & Parents to save their Children:

In the digitally shrinking global world, the world is more about Technology, reach and likes. Which is now making children more vulnerable.

Adults and Parents are unaware with the young kids getting exposed to strangers with all kinds of intensions!!!

If you havent tracked the top story of Brandon quitting Microsoft blasting mails to Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer etc in 1999, you can read the story here.

Brandon Quits

He quitted coz he thought, he was not doing any innovative job staying at Micsrosoft. But was doing a routine cash flow business.

He started his own startup firm IMSafer, which helps parents to protect their children from all kinds of online threats either be financial, sexual or any kind.

The plugin can be used with Yahoo, Aol, MSN now, but the press release says functionality will soon be released for Gmail and Skype.

Please spread this message for all either in form of Mails or Blogs.



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