iJAX, a AJAX Library: Tutorial Part#3

iJAX (Integrated Javascript And XML), is a simple yet very powerful library I have created in which AJAX applications can be made very easily. even by the begineers. 

In my last tutorial I have mentioned about the very basics of AJAX, which included about the xmlhttpobject by which we can change colors at runtime, post data to server and even get the data from the server.

In this tutorial, we are going to see what exactly are the applications where we can use AJAX and we will work on the code on how to optimize it.

1] Think of GMail, when u start typing the email Id’s, it shows the relevant ids from your address book.

This is called as “Suggest” or “Type-Ahead”

2] Form-Filling applications. You feed/select a value and the rest of the form getting populated automatically, without reloading the whole page.

3] AJAX based Tabbed-Index home page. Did u always wondered by seeing the beauty of Drupal/Plone?

These are few examples we will easily solving using iJAX.

iJAX, I designed the framework in sucha way, that all one need to do is to Pass the correct parameters.

Its nothing but a collection of simple functions which can do almost all functionalities which applciations needs.

I am trying to make iJAX even simpler and is in testing phase so once everything is in place, I will keep it  Under GNU License for free download .

Till then, just keeping hacking, b good.




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