Localization: India’s much needed Technology!!!

Localization can defined as computing in Regional languages to make multi-lingual websites, application, tools etc.

Why I say its India’s much awaited Technology?

With India becoming an IT destination for the world catering the needs, is IT penetrating deep in Indian roots?

Obviously, NO!!!

So now, what are the problems in doing so?

1. Indian IT professionals expect more salaries which cant be offered in Indic computing.

2. Companies face a lot of piracy issues, sustaining which ultimately leads to putting down shutters.

3. Indic Computing work mainly involves Govts and Semi-Govts as the clients, and convincing them for the “Change” is a real challenge in itself.

I guess these are some real big issues which are hampering the growth.

OKay, these were the problems. What about the Solution then?

1. Piracy issue wont be really involved if the products after release are made Open Source.

2. Good Products, will bring Good Money. You give what people want and they will pay you back. Even Google in that case

3. Having interest in giving back to Society, makes complex things pretty simpler.

I have added a new category “Localization”, in which I am getting my hands again on the Technologies I have worked during my days in Indictrans Labs.

I will be posting more on this particular section so keep looking more for this space.




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