Gen-Next Search Funda?

In my earlier post I have mentioned about the compaines who are exploring Search in all possible ways. But, I was wondering what could be the next-gen search fundas? Billion-dollar question, Ah? Forget it.

Search has got a lot of attention and provided tera-gb’s-of-tera data available on web, will Search be so effective with present systems & architecture?

What would be your answer if I ask you, Will Google be ruling the search market for next 10 years with same algorithm? What? Did I hear yes? Common, now you ask anyone working in Google, probably they will say NO.

Now, after the dotcom-bubble, users have become very choosy, which means that users decide whether the company will be a hit or a flopshow.

I feel Next-Gen Search will be something on these tracks.

1. Preview of the site e.g : Give user a peek of the result you retrive

2. Personalization will be a major breakthrough in Search

3. Classified Search e.g Education, Technology,Blogs etc etc

4. Domain Specific e.g Medicine, Media, Science etc

Any more ideas? comments?




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