Film Review : Guru

Guru is a story about a young guy, who have courage, strength and above all dreams!!!

He wants to be rich, powerful and along with that he wants everyone around him to grow.

Mani Ratnam, has always lived to the expectations of the Janta, he continues to live. A.R.Rahman gave music for the film, Awesome. Gulzar gave lyrics to the film. Need I say more, the deadly combination of these three?

Abhishek, has a true mature look in his acting and Ash, was also “okay”, since she did not have much dialogues!!!! Throughout the film the would-be couple looked amazing!!!

Overall this film is a must to watch for everyone who have dreams in their eyes.

Did u book you tickets? Not yet? Come on…Hurry up!!!

Do you have the Guru in you?

“Jaage Hai der se….Abhi kuuch der toh soone do…Thodi si Raat baaki hai….”




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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

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