#1 How-To connect PHP and MySql?

This is my first How-To post in the category in an attempt to collect and solve all the small minor queries.

PHP is a scripting language and MySQL is an Open Source DBMS. Together they play a very vital role in developing the web based applications on GNU Linux platform/Windows.

Let me take you through a cakewalk of how to use PHP and MySQL and then the final verdict.

In order to run PHP and MySQL on your system you “must” have:

1. Apache { Web Server/LocalHost}

2. MySql { Database Management System}

3. PHP
4. GNU Linux / Windows

OR if you are running Windows on your system then you can even go for complete pack like:





// localhost will be the server ur trying to connect. username is understood and password for authentication.

$link = mysql_connect(‘localhost’, ‘username’, ‘password’);
if (!
) {
‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error
‘Connected successfully’
// mysql_close will close the connection


This will help you in connecting with the MySQL database using PHP. This is an overview of general connection. In my next post I will teach u how to actually connect, retrive and then publish the data to the page.

Till then Happy Hacking!!!



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