Driving in (e)Motion

India Poised?
I was watching a program on Times Now on sunday where many respected delegates from different fields were debating on “Brand India”. Few of the delegate list includes Mahesh Bhat(Films), Nandan Nilkeni(Infy), Piyush(AdGuru), Shobha De(My Crush), Milind Deora(Politician 😦 ) etc etc.

Some gave valuable suggestions and few others criticized.
Overall I would rate that debate 4/10. Wondering why?

Okay, here I take my stand on it.

Most people praised about Lakshmi N Mittal, Sunita Williams, Salman Rushdie , Deepa Mehta etc claiming them to be “Indians”. Are they really? Its just a matter of fact, that they all share basic Indian origin in common. N nothing else!!

Its a shame to call them Indians. And even more shameful act is to be proud about them and look up for Brand India in the NRI’s. These NRI’s claim to be Proud Americans, Canadians etc where the hell India comes into picture?

Atleast in my point of view, every common man in India is a true hero to look at and that defines Brand India. N not mere few NRI’s.Yes, India has produced many visionaries and achievers like JRD,APJ Kalam,Ratan, Narayan Murthy, Kanwal Rekhi, Sachin, Jeev Milkha Singh etc. The list is so big that the wordpress people will go short of space.

Its not about where we are now, its where we have to go and how?
India has always looked up in History for its identity.  Its time we look in the future and live to the expectations of the world.

Its time for India upgrading to India 2.0. What we really need is one more Freedom Fight.
This time it would Economic Freedom. Time for Inquilab Zindabad.
Jai Hind!!!



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