what is Podcasting?

Podcasting aka Webcasts got its name from iPod and Broadcasting. Mix them together and there it is this new way of sharing the audio content over internet.

There are almost N number of sites/firms/start-ups which have catched fire on this word.

Some of the most famous one’s are:

1. Audible.com
2. podtech.net
3. Podbean.com

There is lot of data,information and content varying from various topics/interests, music/books/ hobbies/people/interviews etc etc.

Its pretty new but for sure is here to last, particularly when audio content/devices/ reach is getting deeper into customers needs!!!

Who can make a Podcast?

Anyone!!! U, me anyone on this planet(Living mandatory) can create his/her podcast and post it for the rest of the world to hear.

How to make a podcast?

Very simple. Its there all around on the web. But still let me just give a quick revision.

Got a Microphone? Got a System to record voice? Got a software to cut the speech into various modules and there you go just save it as an mp3 format. Post it on your site for world to listen.

I know I am posting this in a hurry, but I promise to post a detailed note on “How-To podcast”.

Till then happy weekend!!!




About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

2 responses to “what is Podcasting?”

  1. Valerie says :

    Namaste Sridhar! It’s http://www.podtech.net – versus .com. It’s interesting to see the different media consumption behaviours for all forms of podcasts – audio and video. We’re doing a lot more video now. Ideally, you leave it all up to the user :-). Thanks, Valerie

  2. gayatri says :

    Hi Sridhar,

    Podcasting especially audio truly amazing.
    I can imagine a Dad recording his kidoo speaking and guess what its a ringtone for his lifetime.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And for me its exploring my own voice in diferent tunes 🙂
    sounds melodious isnt’ t ????????


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