Apple Inc 2.0? iTunes 2.0? Will it work?

Yesterday I read the article written by Steve Jobs on the music industry and the piracy issues involved. If I was to draw a conclusion out of it, I would say Steve jobs is now against the music industry gaints including SONY BMG, Universal, EMI etc.

Before you read what I think, it would be good if u read the article.

Steve Jobs Article on Music Industry

Steve Jobs only suggested only 3 ways of how the future can be with DRM’s, the music, the devices and above all the customers!!! Here, I suggest One more way of how Apple can outperform other players, Music companies to win greater markets.

Lets us say, Apple goes the Web 2.0 way. and iTunes store becomes Store 2.0. In which  they call users, customers to upload songs to the Apple music server and from there they can download without any DRM’s.

When a company sells CD’s/DVD’s, it does not come with DRM,{DRM is just for security and to stop piracy}. But, still peers circulate the Disks and this is one form of piracy which companies can never stop.

So whats wrong in people collecting their information on web?

Once, users start collecting on the music server, there will be absolutely no bars on which device you can play songs or even on multiple devices. This can only give boom to 90 million already sold iPods.

On these 90 Million iPods only 3% of the songs are taken from iTunes Store. What about the rest 97%? Anyhow, users dont want to pay for music, since lot of websites are giving the same for free, What can any music company do to stop piracy?

Better release all DRM’s and make music a new religion.

So what do u people think, will the Apple 2.0 model work? Drop your comments.




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