Things I am learning about building a cool web site!!!

Obviously, many of us visit more than 10 websites a day, atleast I do. But, then what makes a website look awesome while some seriously suck?

While working on OpenIndx, I am learning couple of things which I am sure will make the difference between a wonderful site and a sucking one!!!

1. UI is the software:
This is a universal rule for all web apps. Users will see what you are selling. If your site is one which takes Ruby On rails, AJAX, Perl, Python and above all looks like a porn one, trust me users will never visit your site again, ofcourse untill you really offer porn.

I came across couple of sites which uses almost all the colors avialable in the color pallete. False assumption that mmore colors will make the site more impressive.

Moral: Web apps UI should be appealing, decent, easy and above all dead friendly for a user to use it and make them comeback. Colors used should be eye-candy to make users fall in love with the site.

Case Study: In OpenIndx we are trying to make the look, UI, feel simpler and effective.

2. Features should be rolled frequently:
I started deciding a bunch of features to roll out for the beta version of OpenIndx. But, this book GettingReal,really helped me giving a nice inputs on how-to approach when it comes to features.

I identified simple, must and new features for OpenIndx for the beta version and the rest features will be rolled out to make the users stick to the site and the application.

3. Take Feedbacks at every point
Feedbacks/Positive Critics are really helpful, provided you take it in a positive way. I talk with many people and friends, mainly to identify the solution they expect to be, the way they want, what will appeal them in the app.

Once, you identify the key points, analysis of the same has to be done. Because our goal ultimately will be to provide end user what they want, to solve their pain points.

These are some of my learnings while working on OpenIndx. Will keep posting more as I learn more from the progress of the project.

Meanwhile if you are student,developer Designer/DBA or just interested in joining the project. Please drop a line. We can form a great team together.



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