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BarCamp Bangalore 3 is live…..

So, here I am live, with Bar Camp Bangalore 3 @ IIM-Bangalore.

I have finished my talk on OpenIndx project in social tech domain. And, now I am attending Sowmya Karmally’s talk on Mifos(Micro-Finance) of grameen foundation.

Will write u soon on more stuff from BCB3.




BarCamp Bangalore 3: 31st March & 1st April, IIM Bangalore

BarCampBangalore 3 is going to held at IIM Bangalore on 31st March & 1st April.

Its one of the famous “unconferences” where you can get to meet many other Nerds/Geeks having same interest as you have.

Yes, I will be there and will talk about our project Kourse, Virtual Learning Environment.

Kourse, is a one of the projects we are working on in a set of families of Management suites, OpenIndx.

Its good to see that, Major IT companies have started sponsoring the events like BCB. This time TCS, Cognizant(our Company), ThoughtWorks etc are sponsors for BCB3.

If you are someone who has keen interest to attend. Please visit the site for more details.

And, if you are one who is from Bangalore and attending BCB, drop me a mail. and we can catch up during the event.


OpenIndx + CamStudio = Better Learning!!!

We thought of getting OpenIndx married with some effecient recording application.

So OpenIndx finally gets married with CamStudio.

Few days back, I contacted Nick, the project admin of CamStudio and he showed his interest in the concept and outcome of integrating both the projects.

Why Do we need CamStudio with OpenIndx?

CamStudio is no doubt one of the best open-source video recording applications and OpenIndx’s project, Kourse, an e-learning management suite so thought having demo’s is far better than just having a jargon.

Now, when we decided to integrate CamStudio, we are defining some headers so that for an end-user its very easy to port the videos and the flash files inside web page.

Our only aim to bring CamStudio into picture is to help and make learning a more better experience.

Keep looking more at this space for more updates.



PS: Special thanks to Nick, project admin of CamStudio, who will guide us as well on how to make OpenIndx better using camstudio.

My dream; My Vision; My Hunger…..

Imagine a day when TCS will acquire IBM, Ranbaxy takes on AstraZeneca, OpenIndx taking over all management suites, WebStorm beats GigaOM, 7Signs acquires Frog Design studio.

Am I joking??? May B, I am Not!!!

Yesterday while discussing with a old friend of mine, he asked me whats your dream and vision for India?

Then I kept quite. Now, I have the answers for all the questions.

My dream is start Idea Factory, which will generate Next-Gen ideas to transform the lives of common man.

Idea Factory will be a sort of Incubator by Entrepreneurs who will have vision on how to make people’s life simpler and of course better.

My vision for India is to see every graduate student working, be it Arts, Science, Engineering, Medical. IP should be utilized in the service of nation.

Arts graduates are good at written and spoken English, why not they utilize their skills? Science graduates can help in making Bio-informatics a boom for India.

I dont know whether I can fullfill my dreams and vision in one life time, but yes I wont leave any shortening from myside.

I am seriously looking for people, who are motivated and committed to make this world a better place to live. If you dont have any dream/vision, you are welcome to join mine.

We is far powerful word than I or you.

If you happen to be one, please drop me a mail. I will get in touch with you.



Ready to face Storm?

WebStorm is live!!!

WebStorm aims to be your one stop portal for all the Technology related stuff. Be it Start-ups to Products, Interviews to Reviews to all happening conferences.

WebStorm helps in profiling the companies and their products for the rest of the world. We aim not only to showcase the products but the people behind it.

WebStorm will have exclusive interviews with the teams, founders and investors. We aim to bring into light the Reserachers from universities as well.  After all, a product needs a lot of Research.

Our team has some of the best of the minds who stay on the bleeding edge of innovations and prefer using cutting edge of technologies, which will surely keep you ahead in the Technology world.

Readers/Users comments/views/feedbacks are most welcome, and which I am sure will help this blog and ofcourse the whole community.

Are you ready to face the Storm? Visit


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Get groovy with CSS!!!

Everyone loves to see beautiful sites on web. Everyone loves to see simple yet creative pages having appealing look-n-feel. How do we get our sites look groovy? with CSS.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), add style to your HTML. It defines how the page should look. Only style. Styles are generally stored in the Stylesheets.

All HTML files are stored in .htm/.html file formats, simillarly styles written are stored in the stylesheet formats i.e .css format

We can either embed stylesheets inside the code or can have an external stylesheet. External stylesheets are encouraged as they reduce a lot of rework and proves handy when dealing with frequent change in the code/design.

E.g <a href=”Some Link here” style=”text-decoration:none”> See the style tag</a> 

In the above piece of code, we are adding style for an anchor tag ‘text-decoration’ which will result in the anchor tag having no decoration like underline, bold etc etc.

Trap: The above style is only applicable for the specific tag for which we have defined.

There are other ways on how we can use styles in our HTML code.

 <style type=”text/css”>
a {   text-decoration: none;  }

Funda: This particular piece applies the style to all the anchor tags in the page. Moving forward if one wants to change the style of anchor tag, we need to change only at one place i.e is in the style and it will be reflected throughout the page.

Even simpler, we can seperate out the style from the html code and put in some different file i.e Stylesheet. Out html code will contain some anchor tags.

We need to create a file –> style.css

Add the path of the stylesheet to our html code –> <head><link type=”stylesheet” href=”style.css” mce_href=”style.css”></head>

Thats all we have to do to make our styles appear in our html page. Simple? 

okay, so now we are ready to groove with CSS.
Next tutorial details on how to play with colors and designs.
Keep hacking!!!!


Week in a Snapshot!!!- Talk Dr.Vint Cerf, OpenIndx Dashboard…

Last few days were seriously busy ones, cudnt even get time to write articles.

Anyways, now I have time, so let me just give you a snapshot of things happened over past few days.

1. Talk by Dr. Vinton Cerf:
Attended talk given by Dr.Vinton Cerf (Engineers, who dont know him, probably you are someone who doesnt know what day is today!!!), He is the co-founder of Internet, along with Dr.Robert Kahn. The talk was a part of Google Speaker series.

Need not to say, the talk was awesome and very motivating. He talked about the past, present and ofcourse the future of Internet and the Apps. He discussed about various of forms of data that Google would be interested in and their baby(Search).

In all a very informative talk, followed by some lingering questions and comments.

<>If the word Surfing(Cerf+ing), came coz of u {Dr.Vint Cerf},
I am the son of Internet, just came to say “Hello Gandpa” </>

2. Worked real hard on OpenIndx project and features.
Last week, was a week for lot of modifications and changes. Yes, the complete architecture has been re-designed in a way that it will be open for API’s.

I preferred to keep it in more or less, a wordpress UI feel. Wordpress UI is very flexible and pleasant for a user. Hence, OpenIndx will have the same UI feel. Cheers!!!!!

 Some more serious changes, that we made is in the Engine layer, where we have added a new Engine for AJAX, which is completely based on Prototype and Rico. So, you people can expect a beautiful UI with powerful features.

A weekend is just few hrs away, so getting geared for some real good work and handsome amout of beautiful time to spend.