Week in a Snapshot!!!- Talk Dr.Vint Cerf, OpenIndx Dashboard…

Last few days were seriously busy ones, cudnt even get time to write articles.

Anyways, now I have time, so let me just give you a snapshot of things happened over past few days.

1. Talk by Dr. Vinton Cerf:
Attended talk given by Dr.Vinton Cerf (Engineers, who dont know him, probably you are someone who doesnt know what day is today!!!), He is the co-founder of Internet, along with Dr.Robert Kahn. The talk was a part of Google Speaker series.

Need not to say, the talk was awesome and very motivating. He talked about the past, present and ofcourse the future of Internet and the Apps. He discussed about various of forms of data that Google would be interested in and their baby(Search).

In all a very informative talk, followed by some lingering questions and comments.

<>If the word Surfing(Cerf+ing), came coz of u {Dr.Vint Cerf},
I am the son of Internet, just came to say “Hello Gandpa” </>

2. Worked real hard on OpenIndx project and features.
Last week, was a week for lot of modifications and changes. Yes, the complete architecture has been re-designed in a way that it will be open for API’s.

I preferred to keep it in more or less, a wordpress UI feel. Wordpress UI is very flexible and pleasant for a user. Hence, OpenIndx will have the same UI feel. Cheers!!!!!

 Some more serious changes, that we made is in the Engine layer, where we have added a new Engine for AJAX, which is completely based on Prototype and Rico. So, you people can expect a beautiful UI with powerful features.

A weekend is just few hrs away, so getting geared for some real good work and handsome amout of beautiful time to spend.



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