My dream; My Vision; My Hunger…..

Imagine a day when TCS will acquire IBM, Ranbaxy takes on AstraZeneca, OpenIndx taking over all management suites, WebStorm beats GigaOM, 7Signs acquires Frog Design studio.

Am I joking??? May B, I am Not!!!

Yesterday while discussing with a old friend of mine, he asked me whats your dream and vision for India?

Then I kept quite. Now, I have the answers for all the questions.

My dream is start Idea Factory, which will generate Next-Gen ideas to transform the lives of common man.

Idea Factory will be a sort of Incubator by Entrepreneurs who will have vision on how to make people’s life simpler and of course better.

My vision for India is to see every graduate student working, be it Arts, Science, Engineering, Medical. IP should be utilized in the service of nation.

Arts graduates are good at written and spoken English, why not they utilize their skills? Science graduates can help in making Bio-informatics a boom for India.

I dont know whether I can fullfill my dreams and vision in one life time, but yes I wont leave any shortening from myside.

I am seriously looking for people, who are motivated and committed to make this world a better place to live. If you dont have any dream/vision, you are welcome to join mine.

We is far powerful word than I or you.

If you happen to be one, please drop me a mail. I will get in touch with you.




About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

6 responses to “My dream; My Vision; My Hunger…..”

  1. Lijin says :

    Great Sridhar!!!

    Can u give me ur mail id?

  2. gayatri says :

    hey the thought is superb but not impossible.
    lets build the wall brick by brick.


  3. rani says :

    gr8 vision.
    let me b the part in ur effort .

  4. srinix says :

    HI Rani,

    You can surely be a part of this dream!!!

    Not only you, everyone who wishes to contribute to India are most welcome.


  5. neha says :

    very truly said ,its the time ven v shud join hands n really work for the same

  6. himanshu says :

    I am based in gujarat. We both are thinking in same line. Give me further guidance how to do it & We will do it.


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