BarCamp Bangalore 3: 31st March & 1st April, IIM Bangalore

BarCampBangalore 3 is going to held at IIM Bangalore on 31st March & 1st April.

Its one of the famous “unconferences” where you can get to meet many other Nerds/Geeks having same interest as you have.

Yes, I will be there and will talk about our project Kourse, Virtual Learning Environment.

Kourse, is a one of the projects we are working on in a set of families of Management suites, OpenIndx.

Its good to see that, Major IT companies have started sponsoring the events like BCB. This time TCS, Cognizant(our Company), ThoughtWorks etc are sponsors for BCB3.

If you are someone who has keen interest to attend. Please visit the site for more details.

And, if you are one who is from Bangalore and attending BCB, drop me a mail. and we can catch up during the event.



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