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Web tutorials *Yawn Yawn*: Webonic

Do u also Yawn thinking of tutorials available on web? Be it Php, Mysql, CSS etc, Its all same stuff, again and again in new fonts!!!!

Its time for some real new useful stuff and not same yawning.

I have started a new blog, which I call it as my technology playground.

Its important to write code, and Its even more important to build some useful code and share it with community.

Since, this blog is more personal. I will write and collect all the tutorials which I will be working/learning for buliding my own web product.

Webonic will contain tutorials, code, demos related to PHP, MySQL, AJAX & CSS. Its not user-generated/collected, all will be stuff I am working on. You are free to add if you want to.

Happy Hacking


Webtoons for Podworks. Please leave your feedback.

I have been working on making some Webtoons for Podworks unconference.


I know you will hate me for delaying but I am sure, you know the pain of Day job as well. Dont you? Kool.

So Here I am with 4 of my webtoons. I have tried capturing them using my mobile so clarity is not that good. But if you like the concept or the webtoons itself. Please drop me a line.

Thanks to Amit Ranjan’s company Slideshare for easy sharing of slideshows 🙂

Your feedback can help me to improve things I am lacking.

Also let everyone know which one you liked???


Bloggers, Come Let’s Fight Cyber Crime!!!!

Is Internet safe for girls???

A guy and a gal meets on cyberspace, they become friends, write testimonials, talk on phone, then they meet and finally the Girl Is Found Dead.  

Its not the first time in India, that such kind of accident has happened, but the question that everyone would ask is when will it be the last one???

I read in last week’s Times of India Sunday Edition, that a guy from Hyd was caught as he took some personal information from a girl from mysore and started blackmailing her or else he will post the information across porn sites. Girls need to be more careful[1]

What can we do to restirct net crimes [2]??? Is Internet a crime zone medium? 

Read one such story and please spread awarness among your peers to make Net a better place to live.

Its shame to see such things as it hampers the wanna-be Web-Entrepreneurs.

Imagine you start a web service/product and things like these happen, and one-fine day Govt says close all these sites or even worst if parents restrict children to come to Internet.

huh? Any comments??


PS: 1] A personal advice to all the girls out there on Net, please dont share any personal information on web to strangers. Remove all the phone numbers, photos, videos, address etc from your profile. You can have a Net identity, fake name!!!!

2] If you happen to have a blog, write about it, dicuss such matters, spread the word of awarness. If you cant, atleast ping back this post.

How-To create Rounded Corners using RICO Library!!!

How-To create Rounded Corners using RICO Library!!!

In my previous two posts I have covered some tutorials using to enhance the User Experience. But, doesnt have the beauty of adding Rounded Corners, which RICO is rich in!!!!

1. Making a simple SlideShow using
2. How to Use Effects to add beauty

In this tutorial, we will explore yet another AJAX library. RICO Library

RICO is a powerful, creative ajax library which gives you control over UI designing as well as functionality.

In this tutorial, we will see how to create Rounded Edge Corners.
I assume these steps are already done before you see the naked code.

1. You have downloaded RICO library. If not, you can do it here
2. You have downloaded the Prototype Library. If not, you can do it here
3. Enable javascript in your system.

OKay, so lets see the code:

Include all the files{Rico & Prototype} inside the html code.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”../src/rico.js” mce_src=”../src/rico.js”>  {SRC should be ur rico.js path}
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”../src/prototype.js” mce_src=”../src/prototype.js”>  {SRC should be ur prototype.js path}

so once, we are done with including the libraries to your html file.

Now, time to add some content to the Body of the html file.

<div id=”roundMe” style=”position:absolute;top:240px;left:35px;width:250px;background:’lightblue’;color:’red’;”>
<div id=”Content” style=”height:200px;width:250px;padding:8px;”>

Hello This is me, a Rounded Corner hell.


Understanding this particular code is very important, from the compatibility point of view. Coz if you skip some of the style parameters, this code wont work properly in IE.

U know IE sucks!!! {Keep an eye on Padding, it stinks in IE}

Okay, so no big deal here in code. Just two DIV tags and inside the child DIV the content is placed.

Simple, Isnt it? kooool. Lets go and add a simple line and see the magic.

Now, that we have decided the structure and included the libraries, what are we waiting for? Oh, yeah we still need to call the functions of RICO.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
Rico.Corner.round(’roundMe’);  // The parameter is the id of the outer DIV tag

What else? Not much. Just save it and see the magic.

If you still want to keep on hacking other options, you are always welcome!!!

Just add these parameters to the same line.


What all other options one can add to Corners?

1. Color
2. Blend
3. Compact
4. Color
5. BgColor
6. Specify which corners to be rounded
7. border.

For more information. Visit Demos @officially site of RICO.

Yes, some folks out there can argue that we can do it with CSS also. I agree with you. But can you do it in just one line of code?

Sorry dude!!!

Anyways I have attached a simple code for the same at the bottom if you can want. Take it, use it, try it and please let me know as well, if I missed any.


Download COde: ROunded Corner Using RICO Library

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Why do I blog?

Why do I blog?

Most of the blogs I surf, are mostly about How-To blog or “Earn through your Blog” or more or less same pitch!!!!

Blogs have become a prominent way of expressing self/marketing etc. We can see millions of blogs around us in the virtual universe called “Web”.

Himanshu: Blogging Breeds Entrepreneurship, has a good write up on the same lines, which says Blogging gives you a Entrepreneurial edge!!!

Now, coming back to my question, I blog because whatever I am trying/doing/re-searching etc I find it very easy to write down for later purpose or even better if someone is also looking/working on the same lines can find the tips/tutorials useful.

I mostly write about AJAX{my love} and some tutorials on CSS, MySQL & PHP.

A simple example, I would like to give you how this works for me and others.

Try to google, “ based slideshow”.

What you find as first link is my tutorial “ based Slideshow”. I wrote this particular piece of code, coz I was frustated of not finding the same. Now, if someone else is also looking for the same, just feel free to use it. Why to re-invent the wheel?

And, lastly I write whatever I am trying to build, which is getting added to my application. In this way, I am keeping track of building my own product/features as well helping others.

My two cents in helping web community and making web more fun place to live & learn.

Now, your turn: Why do you blog? tell everyone through comments.


UI Designing with CSS: Example login form

After the dot com bubble, start-ups are growing like mushrooms everywhere. And, 80% of these being either in Consumer Internet or Mobile.

So what do these web-based start-ups focus on mostly?

User Experience. Users have become powerful and above all decision makers. If users like the service, UI, application they will support it else they will kill them.

Talking about user experience, Its very important to understand what would a user appreciate? I will explain this taking a simple example of login form.

A simple login form would consits of normal buttons and a table.

Enter Name: <input type=”text”>

Enter Email: <input type=”text”>

<input type=”button” value=”Submit”>

No big deal. A simple two text boxes and a submit button. Simple?

Okay, so why not make small yet sweet changes to this code?

Through adding CSS{Cascading Style Sheets}!!!

Lets add some style on mouseover and mouseout operations.

<input type=”button” class=”Button” onmouseover=”this.className=’ButtonHover'” onmouseout=’Button'”>

In the style section just add the following piece of information.

Button {


This would add the following functionality to our code.

Whenever the mouse is moved over the button the background is set to lightgreen and whenever removed again back to green.

Though there is no big deal here, the thing that needs to be taken care is that small useful things matter and count.


If you are reading article, you might also be interested in the PHP and Scriptaculous Book I have authored.

The book gives you insights about effects, drag-n-drop, slideshows, applications, auto-completion, in-place editing and more. Complete code snippets and explanations.

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PHP and Book

PHP and Book Unconference Unplugged Again!!!


What is Podworks?

Podworks is India’s biggest unconference on Audio & Video podcasting.

Podworks Schedule?

Its in Tidel Park, Chennai on June 9th and 10th 2007.

Who’s behind Podworks?

I bet if you are one of those active bloggers/web-workers/entrepreneurs, you must have heard of Knowledge Foundation, Chennai. Sorry, gifts for guessing, the same guys behind Proto, BarCamp, WikiCamp.

What we can expect in Podworks?

You trust me on this, all unconferences are worth attending!!! No wonder, in Podworks, lot of sessions on Audio Sessions+ Video Sessions+ Social + Professional Networking.

Did I tell u, one can have loads of fun as well?

Where should I register for Podworks?

Awesome. You are already eager to attend. For now, just register here

I have already registered, and If you are also planning to attend. Drop me a line, we can surely catch up on coffee.