India is what Silicon Valley was some years back!!!

India is what silicon valley was some years back. Why am I saying this?

I can see a lot of start-ups coming from ex-employees of either of Infosys, wipro, TCS etc. After gaining sufficient business knowledge and domain expertise people set out to start their own firms. This is what has happened some 10 years back in now “Silicon Valley”.

While reading the book , ICON-Steve Jobs. In this book a paragraph stuck me, with the companies like Intel etc getting started, growing and then some employees quitted to start their own firm.

Can we relate this with Indian scenario? Yes, we can!!!

I would rather say that now start-ups are growing are mushrooms in the valley. One reason I can figure out why is, coz there were start-ups, hence there are start-ups. Do I make sense?

For start-ups most important thing is mentoring. Mentoring can only be done by people who have taken extra risk to become now “famous”. In India, we can now find Angel investors like KB Chandra Shekar, Kanwal Rekhi etc and need not to say lot of VC firms are growing even faster than the start-ups.

In all, India needs to keep the momentum going by producing more and more of start-ups {again, only product based}. We will be lucky enough to see the whole Indian economy changing in next 10 years.



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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

3 responses to “India is what Silicon Valley was some years back!!!”

  1. vibhash says :

    Hay nice post dude:)
    and thanks for linking my blog:)
    I’m also thinking of putting few links in my blogroll!

  2. HIMANSHU SHETH says :

    Hey Sridhar,
    I guess even people who are not famous can be mentors.Anyone who has taken a plunge is dear to me.I would not mind taking mentorship from a younger Entrepreneur since he already knows how it goes it.

    I have not read the book ICON but yes,we are catching up and that’s the reason VC’s are now showing interest in India.May be we have it in us and who knows few years down the line we may have a GOOGLE born out of India 🙂

  3. srinix says :

    Hey Himanshu,

    when I say mentorship, yes anyone and everyone who can help us/ guide us or least can encourage us can be a perfect mentor.

    But, an famous enpreneur can tell from his from his experiences coz he knows what it takes to fail/ hit a start-up.

    And, about Google, dude there is already one google. We need big and better than it. I am sure India will gift one to the world.


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