Tutorial: How to make Script.aculo.us Based Slideshow

Before you go on to read this article. If your a newbie to using Script.Aculo.us AJAX library, I would recommend my previous post on getting started with Script.Aculo.us.

Read the article here

Okay, so I presume that you have gone through the previous tutorial. In this tutorial we will see how to make a simple slideshow for our website. You can also download the script along with HTML file at the bottom of the tutorial.

Slideshow’s are pretty common among webstites today. But, most of them being in Flash. Since we can add the same beauty using AJAX I thought of giving it a shot.

So lets get started!!! Start Javascript functionality here!!!

<script type=”text/javascript”>

var slides = array(‘slide1′,’slide2′,’slide3’);      // we define a array with all the div-Id’s of the slides.

we have to define a variable “wait” so lets declare and assign some value to it.

var wait = 500;    // interval and time in milliseconds

1. We need the slideshow to start as soon as the site is launched.

For that we have to define a javascript function.

function start_slideshow() {

setInterval(SlideShow(), wait);  // This is a javascript function which acts as a timer.


Now, we need to define the actual functionality for the slideshow.

function SlideShow() {

Effect.Fade(Slides[i], { duration:1, from:1.0, to:0.0 });
if (i == 3) i = 0;
Effect.Appear(Slides[i], { duration:1, from:0.0, to:1.0 });


2. We have to add this to our html code.

<body onload=”start_slideshow()”>

3. Lets add some slides to the page.

<div id=”slideshow-content”>
<div class=”slide1″ id=”slide1″>
<h2>My First Slide</h2>
<p> Add some content for your first slide.
</div>                   // First slide div ends here
<div class=”slide2″ id=”slide2″ style=”display: none;”>
<h2>My Second Slide</h2>
<p> Add some content for your second slide.
</div>              // Second slide div ends here

Imp Note: Note how we must use an outer DIV tag to use this. Its a must to have an outer DIV tag.

Now, just put all the code in one place and you can see your slideshow working!!!!

If you have tried/ have any suggestions to improve it pls drop in comments.


1] Planning to write a tutorial on slideshows based on images with various control effects.
2] You can also download the code in attachments.

Download the tutorial and see it working

Download: slideshow.txt

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28 responses to “Tutorial: How to make Script.aculo.us Based Slideshow”

  1. Chris says :

    Thanks for this, really useful. I took your code and modified it to produce a “Single run” slideshow triggered from a button here: http://www.shepherdpics.com/test.html

    The only real problem I had was not noticing that the div needs to be absolutely positioned.


  2. srinix says :

    Hey Chris,

    Im so glad that you found the code useful.

    I checked the slideshow, its damn gud, seems like an animation of birds, but using our love AJAX!!!


  3. Ben Nash says :

    Any help on how make a stop function?

    Then eventually a next and previous jump to button?


  4. Bernd says :

    Hi, nice code 🙂
    but i have a error:
    element has no properties
    var oldOpacity = element.getInlineOpacity();

    Have you a idea?

    Best Regards

  5. Andy says :

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

  6. spaniard says :

    Bernd said:
    “but i have a error:
    element has no properties
    var oldOpacity = element.getInlineOpacity();”

    I have the same error. Funny thing is, it just appeared. Thoughts on what could cause this? Any help would be appreciated.

    (Awesome script, btw. We used to do the same thing with Flash, now we can make things more dynamic.)

  7. deepan says :

    nice yar,
    but have got some problem
    just the data are displayed
    and there i no effect over it

  8. Enéas Gesing says :

    I’m having this error when using Efect.Move on my projects.

  9. Torero says :

    var i must be into the SlideShow function to prevent the “element has no properties” error.

    Hasta luego Lucaass!!

  10. Torero says :

    Hey moderator,

    Please replace my other post with this:

    The problem is i. Rename i to ii to prevent the error.


  11. comspy says :


    Thank you very much for this code! It works perfectly! Exactly what I needed – it saved me some time! 🙂

  12. Stevo says :

    Great script, thanks!

    One small problem. With each transition, the new picture is actually appearing below the visible one. Then, once the first picture has disappeared, the new picture shifts up to where the old picture used to be.

    Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


  13. Brian says :

    Thanks for the tutorial! It was just what I needed.

    I noticed that before the slideshow goes through its first rotation that you can see the other images during the transitions. So as two photos fade, I see another image in the array during the fading.

    Is there any way to fix this?

  14. zig says :

    I’m getting random “undefined” javascript errors in IE. I think it’s because the divs I’m using for the slide show are being loaded in via ajax and don’t initially exist when the javascript is being loaded into memory (not run.. just loaded). IE reads the page differently than most other browsers.

    You can see it here: https://jedi.tcnj.edu/portal/index.php

    Any ideas?

  15. Samet Ugurlu says :

    hi all, i’m want next and previous button but cannot 😦 please help me!?!?!?!

  16. dulconte says :

    Thanks it help me a lot : htp://dul.amsud.net well it’s quiet different at the end but without your example i should never get it.

  17. mikel says :

    thank you for this tutorial

  18. Elainne says :

    i’m getting the:

    element has no properties
    var oldOpacity = element.getInlineOpacity();

    Already tried defining ‘i’ and renaming it to ‘ii’ but no success.

  19. David says :

    Hi. Thanks for this script. Really good work. We’ve updated your script and you can see the results at:


    Many thanks once again.


  20. nono says :

    i have made beautiful baby slideshow and easter decoration slideshow,easy with psp make photo to dvd slideshow with music

  21. nono says :

    i have made beautiful baby slideshow and easter decoration slideshow,easy with psp make photo to dvd slideshow with music

  22. womble says :

    Is there any way to make it fade in on the first slide?

  23. doogerman says :

    thanks for the tutorial!
    i have one query, however.
    how can you make it stay on the last slide for a little while before going back to the first slide?
    thanks again!

  24. Windows says :

    great post save up the great work.

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