I am a Blogger,I love Blogging!!!

I am a Blogger,I love Blogging!!!

Okay, to really prove this I have created a comic character for you all. Its called as a “Nerd Monster, who loves to blog”.

Take a look at the image below and let me know what you feel after seeing this. At the end of the post I have given what this image stands for:

Take a look, draw your conclusions, drop in comments and read what I was thinking when I created it.


Okay, now you want to know what I was thinking when I created it.

So many things in one snap.
1. Did u notice that the monster looks like a nerd? call it a Geek?
2. Did u notice that the blogger is challenging the people in Big Firms and Buildings?
3. Did u see the aggression on his face? Thats the power of blogger
4. Dont you think that, now-a-days Blogs speak louder than any Daily Newspaper?
5. Didnt u think that this blogger stands-apart from everyone else?

I thought so many things before creating this monster.

You are free to drop your comments/critics/feedbacks for improvement. Or above all just drop a line saying you liked it or not?



About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

3 responses to “I am a Blogger,I love Blogging!!!”

  1. Piyush says :

    Hi Sridhar,

    First, I appreciate your spirit of maintaining a compulsive live blog. Second your comments on SiliconTryst Blog. Third it’s fantastic to see the blend of creativity with technology through this picture. It does tell about your creative energy trying to find a direction.

    Besides, Did I mention anything offending about IITs at SiliconTryst, to which you don’ seem to agree?


  2. srinix says :

    No, nothing like that Piyush. Its just that I am trying to tell that for everyone, like u said their college is alma-matter and we all respect that sentiment.


  3. PG says :

    Oh Alright, I think I misunderstood the context of your words then.

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