How to make a Modal Window using Prototype?

Okay, its been somedays I was working on how to create a simple, beautiful yet powerful modal window for a project I am working on.

Modal Window sometimes called as Modal Dialogue box, are widely used across to increase the user experience.

After doing a lot of {re}search, I came across, Lightbox by Lokesh. Then, I came across this LightBox Gone Wild, yes by the folks behind Wufoo.

I must admit, these guys have done a great job!!! Thanks for sharing this.

Now, coming back to our tutorial.

You must have prototype AJAX library to use this {sorry for Non-prototype lovers}. Once, you have both Prototype and Lightbox Gone Wild.

Just add them to your html page.

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/lightbox.css” mce_href=”css/lightbox.css” type=”text/css” />
<script src=”scripts/prototype.js” mce_src=”scripts/prototype.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<script src=”scripts/lightbox.js” mce_src=”scripts/lightbox.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Once, we have added the libraries to the html page. Now, we move on to create the lightboxes {a.k.a simple html files which will be shown in our Modal Window.}

Some HTML files, lets us say About.html

<p> About Us Page</p>
<h3>This is a simple About Me page, where you can add all HTML tags.</h3>

Now the important task: Activating the Lightbox

<a href=”About.html” mce_href=”About.html” class=”lbOn”>About Me</a>

Notice: the italics class=”lbOn”, onclick this will call the function to load the lightbox.

We can add all the HTML tags inside a lightbox, which means there are N number of options for you to surprise your friends.

De-Activating the Lightbox

<a href=”#” mce_href=”#” class=”lbAction” rel=”deactivate”>Close Lightbox.</a>
A simple link, clicking on which will take you back to the page.

Linking it to another Lighbox inside:

<a href=”confirm.html” mce_href=”confirm.html” class=”lbAction” rel=”insert”>Go to Another Lightbox</a>

Till here we saw how to Activate, Deactivate and Insert a lightbox inside a lightbox.

Now, AJAX stuff.

Lets say you want to give, a form to fill to user and collect the data using the modal window. We can do it, with the help of Prototype library. Use the following piece of code.

insert: function(e){
link = Event.element(e).parentNode;
var myAjax = new Ajax.Request(
{method: ‘post’, parameters: “”, onComplete: this.processInfo.bindAsEventListener(this)}

I am writing a code to add some more functionality like onload, on mouseover etc. Once done will share the code as well.


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One response to “How to make a Modal Window using Prototype?”

  1. ronen says :

    For some reason the insert doesn’t work when you want to activate a second light box from the first one.

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