Bloggers, Come Let’s Fight Cyber Crime!!!!

Is Internet safe for girls???

A guy and a gal meets on cyberspace, they become friends, write testimonials, talk on phone, then they meet and finally the Girl Is Found Dead.  

Its not the first time in India, that such kind of accident has happened, but the question that everyone would ask is when will it be the last one???

I read in last week’s Times of India Sunday Edition, that a guy from Hyd was caught as he took some personal information from a girl from mysore and started blackmailing her or else he will post the information across porn sites. Girls need to be more careful[1]

What can we do to restirct net crimes [2]??? Is Internet a crime zone medium? 

Read one such story and please spread awarness among your peers to make Net a better place to live.

Its shame to see such things as it hampers the wanna-be Web-Entrepreneurs.

Imagine you start a web service/product and things like these happen, and one-fine day Govt says close all these sites or even worst if parents restrict children to come to Internet.

huh? Any comments??


PS: 1] A personal advice to all the girls out there on Net, please dont share any personal information on web to strangers. Remove all the phone numbers, photos, videos, address etc from your profile. You can have a Net identity, fake name!!!!

2] If you happen to have a blog, write about it, dicuss such matters, spread the word of awarness. If you cant, atleast ping back this post.


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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

4 responses to “Bloggers, Come Let’s Fight Cyber Crime!!!!”

  1. Abhishek says :

    Recently I also came across such a girl, who used facebook while studying in US. Somebody hacked her account and kept on intruding her personal life. She came back to India and still things continued. Finally cyber experts were involved and the guy was caught in MAdhya pradesh. But the girl had harrowing six months or so. Typically this is done by somebody known and I guess all the girls should be careful in publishing their public profiles.


  2. m7mmad says :

    I think cyber crime has been decreased nowdays , due to media alarming .

    Thanks for posting

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