Webtoons for Podworks. Please leave your feedback.

I have been working on making some Webtoons for Podworks unconference.


I know you will hate me for delaying but I am sure, you know the pain of Day job as well. Dont you? Kool.

So Here I am with 4 of my webtoons. I have tried capturing them using my mobile so clarity is not that good. But if you like the concept or the webtoons itself. Please drop me a line.

Thanks to Amit Ranjan’s company Slideshare for easy sharing of slideshows 🙂

Your feedback can help me to improve things I am lacking.

Also let everyone know which one you liked???



About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

9 responses to “Webtoons for Podworks. Please leave your feedback.”

  1. Himanshu Sheth says :

    Hey Sridhar,
    Seems interesting and nice.I can say “Cartoons speak louder than words” 🙂

    I liked the first one which is the best among the four.Improvement is required but not for cartoons but for your camera phone!!!!


  2. Syed Nazir Razik says :

    Good Stuff Sridhar. Hey can you scan the webtoons and post it to the ppt. It will be more clear ! Nice effort and the first one is good

  3. srinix says :

    Thanx syed. Indeed I am trying to a get Cybershot to get better clarity in pictures.

    Thanx himanshu, yes Im working on getting a Cam 🙂

  4. Sathyaraj says :

    I like the first one.. Simple and funny

  5. Akash says :

    nice toons shri…..
    toons with 1 liners fit the bill best….

  6. srinix says :

    Thanx Bro.

  7. Vicky says :

    Excellent effort sridhar 🙂

  8. Pradeep says :

    Hi gud try….

    I want to meet you. I am student at gr8 lakes friend of kartik kannan. I think we should develop this idea much further and much better…. I got a gud one.. But the biggest prob is i am a chemical engineer with zero back ground in Net so we need to discuss

  9. Sridhar says :


    Thanx. will try to improve


    Yes, we can surely meet up & disucss. I will be there in Podworks, if you also happen to attend it. We can surely meet over coffee.

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