The Dark Side of Mid-Day!!!

You call it Mid-Day is getting prepared to see the Mid-Night now, after being caught in the Plagiarising case. You feel shame, well, unfortunately they dont.

WAT Blog is a famous blog among bloggers with some really kool stuff on Web 2.0 domain. Now if Mid-Day “steals” the content from WAT Blog, what can any do?

Day before yesterday, I read a article in “Chattisgarh-group”, which is doing Citizen journalism, stating Indian media is not getting “Credits” it should it. Oh for what? They dont even know how to steal properly. Least, they could have change font, color, full-stops. I just hope the editor of Mid-Day is reading this article.

Dont believe me? Before you see the article, please read the original post.

See it, to believe it.

MidDay article

Now See the article from WAT BLOG.

Chitee ARticle by WAT Blog

Now, can be done for scenario like this? Bloggers speak loud, you guys are not audible to Mid-Day.

What other bloggers are saying?


Note: I cudnt get the exact source, guess Mid-Day is using Guruji, Indian Search Engine and it prompts me if I am searching for Chinese, when I type Chintee 🙂


About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

2 responses to “The Dark Side of Mid-Day!!!”

  1. HIMANSHU SHETH says :

    Hey Sridhar,
    This is really a shame that these guys have copied the content without even giving credit to WATBlog…If they would have given the credit,no one would have worried about it 🙂

    As you have said “We guys are not loud” so,we all need to take a collective action this theft of content.

    What is your say?


  2. srinix says :

    Yup, I have already posted it to groups I know.

    I think we all are scattered in our voice.

    One forum/blog shud speak law for bloggers, like yesterday I told you.


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