Sena heated up over SNS(orkut)!!!

Before you read this article, I would appreciate if you can read my previous post Here.

I was going through a Daily Newspaper, The Times of India, 12th june edition, in the front-page an article quoting ” Sena Cubs are part of target website”, Which was written in the context of Shiv-sena’s attacking some cyber cafes to protest against Social Networking site,

Shiva Sena’s attacks were due to some posts/articles on orkut quoting wrong about Shiva Sena supremo, Bal Saheb Thackery and his party.

What’s the point in attacking cyber cafes? Orkut is run by those people.

One more interesting fact is that, the “cubs” of shiv sena have their profiles and more than hundred friends on orkut.

Why dont they break computers at their home, rather than cyber cafes?

I was wondering, if this is going to be the mentality, soon sites like Desimartini, etc will have treat and also causing treat to wanna-bes.

Check out the article in the newspaper here.

Orkut in Newspaper

Drop in your comments/views on this!!!



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5 responses to “Sena heated up over SNS(orkut)!!!”

  1. amitscorpio says :

    thats a new point in the story!!! there would be hundreds of cubs on orkut!! lets go n crash their computers!!!

  2. Amrita says :

    Maybe somebody should drop them a little virus – no computer no problem!
    On another note – cubs? really?!

  3. srinix says :

    crash all compu 🙂 great man!!!

    Cubs? really? I dono, they wrote it, though I am not sure 😀

  4. amitscorpio says :

    nice idea Amrita, lets make a Anti Sena Virus (we can call that ASV)!! and also start Orkut bachao andolan!!! 😉

  5. Edelhure Düsseldorf says :

    Oh well… newspapers always try to create a hype, even if there is none! 😉

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