Book Review : AJAX In Action


I have recently finished reading this book “Ajax In Action” By Dave Crane, Eric Pascarello and Darren James.

I thought I would share some key points from the book with everyone.

I recommend this book to everyone, who wants to learn Ajax or for those who have already fallen in love with it 🙂

The book talks about the basics as introduction and example code are given to explain various ajax libraries covered, which includes Prototype, Rico, Dojo, Sajax etc.

It is also written keeping in mind only about the client-side programs and not heavily on server-side, which helps individuals to use it with any of these PHP/Asp/JSP etc.

This 680 pages book is what you need to master the concepts and start using ajax in your web apps.

Cumon, u still waiting for more reviews??? Go and buy here

Its a weekend, I have some plans too.

Happy Weekend!!!!


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