Web Tip #1: Yellow Fade Technique (YFT)

Web 2.0, Web 2.0 *Yawn Yawn*

I guess the web is half full with Web 2.0 jagron. I wont go deep in explaning what exactly  web 2.0 is, but I would stress on one point.

“No Refreshing of Whole Page” {AJAX, as we call it}

I surf web for more than 20 websites {new} a day, one thing I find pretty common and uncommon is the UI. Some sites suck so-much that I never visit them again, and some are so awesome that i fall in love with them.

So here, I am starting a new section “Web Tips” for web workers to plan and design sites in a way to impress the users.

Web Tips #1: Yellow Fade Technique

When you are using AJAX in your site, often one feels it’s a big deal to implement AJAX and then they feel like next Google. But, most of them fail to understand that the user is unaware of what happened just now? For god sake, he doesnt understand AJAX 🙂

So the user panics, can be to an extent, he says “Goodbye”

What can be done to avoid such things? Tell the user you have posted/got the data.

How? Simple

Yellow Fade Technique

Just change the background of the DIV to light yellow and then once the operation is done, again with a time duration fade it out to the original color. This really helps users in understanding that something has happened.

If you are one of the fans of WordPress, it has that implementation in the comments tab.

I am implementing it as well, so you can expect a YFT treat tutorial soon from me.

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