Embedding of PDF inside HTML using frames

Some days back, I wrote a article regarding which PDF library to choose and work with, either PDFLib or FPDF. I decided to go with FPDF, since its free 😀

So now, what is the problem that almost everyone of us have faced using PDF documents?

Think again. No, not that one. Take another shot. Okay, let me tell you.

When we open up PDF file, it opens in “Full-Mode”, that means, we cannnot see the html links, page etc and it just ocupies whole web page. Now, this is a serious issue. Since, the only way is to hit the “Back” button.

What can be done to make this experience better?

Embed the PDF document inside a html frame. Consider the pdf file as a widget and we can load it inside the frames of html.

If you are wondering, if I am speaking arabic or something. Have a look at this.


But, there are serious flaws in implementing this way. Coz you cannot navigate through the pages in the PDF. I am trying to hack and fix the issues.

If you have tried anything similar to this. Please drop a comment.


PS: Please spare the commercial/licenses one. Yes, I am aware of Macromedia Flash Paper. But something free is more tasty 🙂

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3 responses to “Embedding of PDF inside HTML using frames”

  1. Amanda says :

    I needsome help. I embedded a pdf form for people to fill out on my website but when people try to send it they get an error message that it could not be sent. Can you help me?

  2. srinix says :


    There can be many reasons for why people get the error message.

    Some of them cud be

    1. Database connectivity
    2. Not able to connect to server
    3. May be the real prob is with the form itself.

    Well, Amanda can u send me a link of the form, I will figure out a best possible solution for ur site.


  3. Justin says :

    PDFs can be framed to show on a page (surrounded by html elements like nav) or inserted inline in an iFrame. Ultimately these are both deprecated elements and/or are not encouraged by search engines. At this point it appears that until all browsers properly the support the display of PDFs inline (like ), we have only two options 1) frame it (lose SEO benefit), 2) link it (and get the SEO benefit, but lose backnav)

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