For Open Source Lovers!!!!

I must admit, I love Open Source products and applications. I first got introduced to it during my days in Indictrans.

Since then I have always prefered Open Source!!!

Yes, now you will argue that my compaq notebook is running MSFT XP???? Now, everyone has their own stand, so my way to look at it is, something which does not cost you, can modify, distribute even build commercial apps on it.

If one loves Open Source, that does not mean you “MUST” hate MSFT products!!!!

Anyways, its a debateable topic, and we dont want to get into that.

Okay, so I write this post to introduce you,

Yes, Its a new blog :D, dedicated to Open Source products. Most of the time, people get confused at what to use/ Is there any better alternative?

Thats not problem with users, coz everyday so many products are getting released and proposed. You cant keep track of everything. But, yes we shall try to keep in our blog.

What will this blog have?

1. Product Features
2. Applications Features
3. Plug-Ins
4. Categories
5. Scripts
And Lots more

Why the heck again Blog?? Anyhow, Web is full of Open Source.

It sure is full of open source, in this blog, I will try to organize things I come across and write about them as I use.

If you happen to work on Open Source products/plug-ins/apps drop me a line. Will put it up with full credits.



About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

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