Myers Briggs Personality Type: Whts ur Type???

Heard of Myers Briggs Personality Type? If not, dont panic, even I heard and came to know about it today morning after Winslie’s mail.

I was surprised that such tests can really help you understand your self better and so does others can also.

It deals with ones psychological ability to think. Everyone has there own unique way to think and approach but when your planning for team work, everyones Personality Type comes into picture.

I also felt that, these TYPEs can also change with age, work, environment and other factors. Its about how you see things in different conditions and situtations. Though some people may resist this change.

I must admit that in India, this practice is yet to mature. Yes, some companies take Psychological tests but then it’s about the same meaning in different contexts.

My Personality type : ESTJ

You can read more about it Here. You can even take a free Personality Test.

 Check your type and drop in comments.



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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

2 responses to “Myers Briggs Personality Type: Whts ur Type???”

  1. Ankur says :

    what does ESTJ mean?

  2. srinix says :


    its a Personality type code.

    I have given a link in the post, there u can find all codes and their meanings as well.


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