Love Taj? Vote NOW!!!!

Were you a lover of the beautiful Taj Mahal?

Then its time to pay back, its not only a monument. Its a matter of honor for our country.

Please visit this site and vote it takes only 5 mins.  5 Mins of yours can bring heritage culture to the nation.

Spread the word. If you blog write abt it, if u read drop comments and inform your friends and family as well.

Visit to cast your vote:

I have casted my vote for Taj Mahal. Have you? Go now!!!!

Keep Voting!!!


PS: if you have casted your vote, then drop in comments so that others can get inspired.


About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

27 responses to “Love Taj? Vote NOW!!!!”

  1. Abhishek says :

    Thanks for the link, I am going to vote now and will put it on my blog as well

  2. Prasanna B.Kunche says :

    we will defnitely make it as a wonder

  3. venu says :

    we will defnitely make it as a wonder

  4. gayatri says :

    Congrats Everyone!!!!!

    TajMahal made it in Top 7.

    ” Arey Huzoor WAH TAJ boliye “

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