Web Design Tips #2: Alternate Row Colors in Resultset!!!!

Web Design Tips #2: Alternate Row Colors

In my recent post of Web design tip, I have shown how to use Yellow Fade Technique. If you have missed it. Read it Here.

Okay, What is alternate row coloring?

Imagine you have a set of records in database, you fetched them and just “echoed” them as a bulk in form of table. How appealing right?

So we solve this problem. I know, I understand not everyone just echo’s the result directly. But then, how you show is, what your user sees!!!

Now, imagine this, we fetch the rows from database and then while placing them, we modify them in a way it looks more clear, decent and ofcourse appealing as well.

How do we do it then?

Simple. let us suppose we have got 17 rows as result of some fetch operation. Now using a while loop{for can also work}, use n/2 formula and get the even and odd results.

For every even result set we use a specific color, and for odd result set we use different color. This helps in making it in a readable and appealing form.

Wasnt it simple? Most of us, programmers make this mistake of choosing wrong colors for display { red/blue, yaak }, which is often called as Programmers Design!!!! No wonder why they call it 😀

Accept the fact that design is not programmers cup of taste!!!!

Anyways, I am working on some script for my project, so soon I will post the result and code of this as well.

If you know/happen to work, or anything related to Design techniques, pls feel free to contact me, and you can be our guest author.


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3 responses to “Web Design Tips #2: Alternate Row Colors in Resultset!!!!”

  1. conservatories says :

    Thanks these are very useful tips for my web design work, will impliment them into my designs

  2. Namrata says :

    I was just searching for this type of concept..i m using java in my project.so i have used while(rs.next()) for fetching database records..in this case how can i show the resultset value using alternative row colors..plz post code for that

  3. praveen says :

    if we display the table using a repater tag i.e the number rows is a dynamic value ,,,,how can we display them in different colors

    Thanks in advance

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