8 Random Facts

Huh? The toughest thing to do on this planet is write about self. That really drives me nuts.

At times its good to write about urself, you will be less confused about urself 😀

Okay, so guys-n-gals read the rules first!!!

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
4. If you fail to do this within eight hours, you will not reach Third Series or attain your most precious goals for at least two more lifetimes.

I am not worried abt the point #4, coz I dont believe in crap but its fun, how much time it takes to write 8 points. I would write another ajax tutorial in the same time 🙂

 Here are my 8 Facts/Habits:

1. I cant keep my wardrobe clean or atleast less messy 🙂

2. I am an addict to Web.

3. Daily I spend surfing atleast 15-20 new sites/blogs, most of them are related to ajax, php, mysql.

4. I hate washing clothes, which I have to do every weekend {I dont like giving them out, they kinda spoil them}  😦

5. I am committed to being a Entrepreneur, so always keep on working/reading/thinking about it {24*7}

6. I cant eat junk, attimes okay, but most of the time in hotels/offices everywhere its JUNK  😦

7. I daily pray before I go to bed

8. I am bit sentimental guy {Now, u stop laughing 🙂 }

9. I love music, specially if its heavy metal or rock!!!!!

Oooops I got Nine. Awesome!!!

So now its my turn to get “Bakras”, Himanshu, Vibhash, Anil, Mahesh, Ashwin, Yousuf, Neha, Varun Krish, Pavithra

Guys enjoy exploring yourself!!!!


PS: My blog has crossed 10k mark. Cheerz

PPS: Thanks to Amit for tagging me and for such exploring post of mine.


About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

7 responses to “8 Random Facts”

  1. Pavithra says :

    Cool sridhar…Nice habits.Keep it up 🙂
    As you said,it is really tough to write abt self.am gonna copy some points from u.Please dont mind 🙂

  2. Nova says :

    Hey Mubarak ho on the crossing 10K mark 🙂 Its like a milestone… heres wishing u have many of the likes 🙂

    Regarding the 8 habits… boy thats gonna be tough!!

  3. Himanshu J Sheth says :

    Hey Sridhar,
    Congrats for 10K hits….I would definitely create a post for this one 🙂


  4. Abhishek says :

    Hey Sridhar, congrats for crossing 10K. Well Done


  5. srinix says :


    Yup u sure can copy some habits, after all nerds share same habits 😀


    Well, I thought it wud be simple, but when started writing my god it really is one scary thing to do 🙂

    @Himanshu, @Abhi,

    Bro thanx a lot. I guess some people my stuff find useful 😀


  6. pushpa says :

    Good to know all this which was not actually there!!!!! You know what I’m talking 😉

  7. srinix says :

    U wht I am talking abt?

    What am I supposed to know? or how am I supposed to know what ur talking???

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