First Bangalore Blogger’s Meet!!!!

Bangalore Blogger’s Meet :

This is a nice step towards making a great blogger community in Bangalore. No wonder we have some of the most wonderful blogs coming from Bangalore. But isnt it a great idea to really meet the bloggers in person and share the knowledge???

It sure is. What you should do now is to quickly register Here 

Some bloggers focus on Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology, Journal, what such events help is to get all these folks under one roof.  Guess its true, digital world is shrinking!!!

After this Meet, the group plans to have a collective during BarCamp which is scheduled this month end.  [Ref]

Bangalore Bloggers Meet is on 21st July. OMG, I remember something related to that day. Yes, Its my B’day!!!!

Hope to see you during Bangalore Blogger Meet. I am dropping out of this.

Details for the event: 

Bangalore Blogger Meet

Date : 21st July 🙂

Venue:   BrewHaHa,  Near Jyoti Nivas College,  Koramangala, Bangalore


PS: Yes, I guess Dhivya is right. But confusion was created coz Sanjukta’s blog says its on 7th July and the PBWiki site says 21st. What the Heck is this now? Huh?


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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

8 responses to “First Bangalore Blogger’s Meet!!!!”

  1. Dhivya says :

    thanks for your comment! first of all not too many read the window of controvery post and sure enough whoever did were compelled to comment on this topic.


  2. Dhivya says :

    also i think ur confused the prelude to the barcamp is happening this week and not on the 21st. the intention of the meet is not to sabotage each others motives. It is just a forum for people to meet and have fun maybe you want to correct it.


  3. srinix says :


    I am NOT confused abt dates of Barcamp. I am taking lead on the BangAJAX collective during Barcamp 28th & 29th July 07.

    “the intention of the meet is not to sabotage each others motives”

    My words sound like that? I meant, Bloggers can even meet up, forming a Collective during Barcamp. I wrote that after reading this.

    Correct me if I am wrong.


  4. sanjukta says :

    Hi Sridhar

    It’s just a coincidence that my idea to form and lead a collective of bloggers at the bar camp is being implemented at about the same time when some of the bangalore bloggers (Dhivya being amongst the organisors) were already planning for a blogger’s meet…

    Although the saturday meet is kinda prelude to barcamp bangalore 4, but I would rather want to be flexible on that… we’d take it where we all wanna be…

    The point is to gather the bangalore blogger’s into an effective community and hope, wish and request Dhivya, You and everybody else around to join hands in doing this.

    Hope to see everybody on Saturday Meet (7th July, CCD, MG Road 5 pm)

    Then I’d see you all on 21st July Meet, and hope we all can be together on the bar camp on 28-29 July

    Isn’t this great… 🙂

    Thanks for linking my blog 🙂

  5. Deepak says :

    Hi Divya,
    Nice to see a bloggers meet.Can you oblige us with the time at the venue mentioed as ‘BrewHaHa’?


  6. Dhivya says :

    hey sridhar…

    granted… 🙂 anyway looking forward to meeting for the meet today!


  7. HIMANSHU SHETH says :

    I missed the meeting…How was it ..May be you can blog about it


  8. Sridhar says :

    Yup dude,

    Will write, but got stuck coz of some serious work

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