Web Design Tip #3: Epicentric Design!!!

I admit its been sometime I have been out of blogging. Almost a week. I was out coz of some hectic deadlines, personal work and above all I didnt try anything new last week. But I am back!!!

Epicentric Design is a must to read and follow for all the web designers. It is not a new technology or something, but a simple way to make great applications.

Let me just start by giving a simple example.

Consider this blog you are reading. What do u feel is the most important feature?

Yes, you are right. The article.  And then follows the sidebar features, footers and headers.

What does that mean?

It means for this particular page, the epicenter is “the article”. Just that article. Forget rest all.

Now, when you get to really start designing or building an application, consider only the epicenter. Most of the web apps I come across fail to do so, which leads in lot of messy stuff on page and creates confusion.

Rediff.com, I dont have any personal problem with them, but yes when u see the home page, what do u feel? U feel its for Logging in? or Shaadi.com Ads? or wht?

Now, simillarly consider the login page, Its functionality is to implement login system, no need for junk there. Best examples Yahoo Mail, Gmail. Their foucs is only on “Login” rest all are not focussed.

So what should be the best possible approach to build the app?

1. Sketch the raw UI, this is imp as we get an idea of what it shud look like.

2. Figure out the Epicenter for the page. Stick to it.

3.  Design a simple html page before coding. It is a MUST, afterwards it may be of no use but it adds to a clear picture of what it should like and contain.

4. Code it. If u fail to do the above 3 steps, chances are you will loose an eye from epicenter.

A personal note from my side, DONT start coding first. It is a serious time waste. If u cant have a design or layout or epicenter dont proceed to coding.

Which methods do u follow to build your app? Do share with us.


PS: extract from 37signals

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