Web 2.0 + Ajax = CRAP!!!

With nice weather around, lot of start-ups are growing like mushrooms, I generally keep track of web start-ups.


Build something using php, mysql and ajax, call it web 2.0 and it is a potential future google. Crap!!!

Ajax is nice, very nice. It is a screwdriver to speed up applications. Lot of people who hardly know about serious programming think ajax is about “effects”.

While a mail exchange of thoughts, Sidu raised this point.

Yes, I totally agree. Ajax has a better taste. Out of total 70 million blogs, if I guess around 30 million blogs will be on technology. Not everyone of those 30 million is a serious ajax programmer. But still write about ajax. This leads to free publicity and creating lot of hype about the looks than actual features


Use any ajax library, add fade effect and it gives you edge over competitor!!!! Again, crap.

Yes, adding fade effect is awesome, but even more important thing is knowing where to apply fade effect. That one can only know when you are seriously involved in coding.


I know ajax, I read gigaom, ajaxian etc etc. Biggest crap!!!!

Lot of people are “ajax experts”, “Gurus” but when it comes to talking about Ajax with showing live working code. Naa, I am busy!!!!

I personally feel un-conferences like Barcamps etc should encourage lot of working code, demos, workshops than mere PPT sessions. Yes, PPT’s are neeeded but as a support let people do hands-on, see how things works. Than theory!!!!

If you have ever felt the same, or came across situations I have mentioned,  Drop in your views in the comments.



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