Awarapan Sensational songs!!!!

Mahesh Bhat & Co have some magic, I know u must thinking I am kidding. Nope I am serious. Not coz they show adult-related stories but I love their taste for songs!!!!

Right from the days of Sadak till now, they have a track record of selling movies just on the basis of sound tracks.

The latest sensation is Awarapan, the Bhatt-Company continues to digg pakistani talent. 

Anne and Mustafa Zahid rocks!!! All the songs of the movie are damn good. And surprise, surprise, even DJ Suketu has done a nice piece of work in re-mixing the songs.

My fav tracks from movie:

1. To Phir Aaao
2. Mahiya — Remix
3. Toh Phir Aaao — Remix Dj Suketu

Which is your fav??? Drop in comments.



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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

3 responses to “Awarapan Sensational songs!!!!”

  1. Tauseef says :

    Wow… great stuff to the blog..

    Keep blogging..


  2. Salim says :

    Yes all the 3 remixes by Dj suketu are mind blowing.
    including to phir aao , mahiya & tera mera rishta remixes.
    annie & mustafa are rocking it.

  3. Nader says :

    agree all remixes r very good
    also have u noticed that annie the singer sounds really good too
    her urdu has improved and she stays with the beat so she improved a lot
    the other songs were already good

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