Shameful Flight, a must read!!!!

Shameful FLight 

Tomorrow morning when you can find lot of crowd outside malls to buy a book, yes you guessed it right. Harry Poter series.

I will also start my search for a book, its not HP series. Its a book from “Stanley Wolpert” named “Shameful Flight”.

This book is about the last years of british empire in India. How India got divided, who were responsible, what game plan british played. Its a sad chapter to read, but I would say a must.

The book is titled properly for their “Shameful” acts. Its an Oxford University Press release.

The book also features life of Nehru, Mountbatten, Winston Churchhill, Lady mountbatten etc. It throws some light on how because of our leaders we suffered.

India will turn 60 next month, and what are we upto? The answers to these questions are not simple as they appear. Its sad to see the numbers which say what we have  achieved in last 60 years.

One more thing I swore last night, I will surely enter into Politics at any cost, waiting for the right time.



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